Type of racing flags [旗的含义]


Green flag
This is used to signal the start of a race when the flag is waved.  A lighting system may be used in some case.  The race is started when the lights go off.

Blue flag
Another competitor is about to lap you.  You must hold your course and must allow the following competitor to pass.  You must comply within 3 martial posts.

Black flag
This shown that the driver is spotted with numerous unsporting behaviors.  Driver must return to the course office, the clerk of the course may decide whether or not they may continue to race.

Yellow flag
This indicates an accident or spin out.  Reduce speed and hold position.  Overtaking is forbidden until the place of accident is passed and the track is visibly clear to the next designated flag point.  A waved yellow flag means extreme caution.
一摆手黄色标志表示车手可要非常谨慎这表明事故或旋出减少速度和保持原来状态通过事故的地点, 车手禁止超车]

White flag
This indicates that there is a safety vehicle on the track.  Proceed with caution.

Red flag
Immediately cease racing.  Proceed slowly and with caution to the start line or proceed to the nearest racing marshal when directed to do.

Checker flag
This indicates the end of the race.